Online Host Communication Guidelines

When hosting or acting as the voice of Mission Bible Church, it’s important that our communication is clear and consistent. We always want to operate in excellence, so here are a few best practices to remember when hosting services online!

• We keep it positive. Focus on the bright side, but go easy on the exclamation points. Only use one at a time! Not three or four!!!! The same goes for emojis. If the answer to someone’s question is no, try to offer a solution or alternate outcome.
• Mention people by name or tag them. Whenever possible use their name! It helps show that we care about everyone and creates variation.
• Choose complete sentences over fragments. Excellence breeds trust.
• Use proper spelling and punctuation. We’re all human, but please try not to misspell words or use misplaced punctuation. (Grammarly is a great tool to install on your computer.
• Avoid abbreviations or insider lingo. (omg, lol, ttly, ur, tonite, 1st vs. first, etc.)
• Don’t be afraid to hide or delete negative or distracting comments. Do not publicly engage in arguments or debates or discuss sensitive information. If conversations get complicated or deep, move it to a private message.
• Pray with people in the comments. If they ask for prayer, write one in the comments in a few sentences or less. For deeper pastoral care or prayer, leave a small comment and then start a private message.

Our main objectives:
• Welcome people to the service or video
• Like and reply most or all comments
• Create meaningful connections or lead people to their next step
• Provide links and information
• Answer questions
• Keep the conversation going
• Moderate negativity or distractions

Here are some comments that you can copy and paste or use as inspiration:

Hello! Welcome to church online. We’re so glad you’re watching with us!
Thanks for joining us!
Hey everyone! Where are you watching from today?
Welcome to Mission Bible!
Tell us what stands out to you about this message!
We are here for you! Let us know if you have any questions.
How can we pray for you?
Go ahead and share this video! You never know who will need to hear today’s message.

For Use at Specific times:
When the speaker prompts the audience to give:
When we give, people get saved we get blessed and God gets the glory. Partner with Mission Bible in giving!

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